Ian Underwood is a rising Junior Theatre major with a Minor in Music.  He is from Gloucester, Massachusetts. 

What are three words that describe you?

Happy, Tall, Sensible.

What are your strengths as an actor? 

I think I develop chemistry with my co-actors which creates good relationships on stage but honestly I’m struggling with this question a lot. I consider myself a good actor but when I try and think of why that is,  I just come to the conclusion that  I act  well. Then I try and think of how I act well and I still don’t know. But hey, I’ve had worse problems.  (more on that at the end of this blogpost)

How tall are you and how has that worked in your favor as an actor?  Has it ever worked against you? 

I’m around 6’5”.

Jordan DeKett is front a tiny town in Vermont called Wheelock -- all the way over on the East side of the state. She is a Senior at Saint Mikes with a double major in Theatre and English. 

You have played leading roles in so many of our theatre productions here.  Which role was the most challenging?   

The most challenging role I think that I’ve ever played at Saint Michael’s was the first role I ever had, as one of the characters in “Complete Works of Shakespeare abridged [revised]”.


Maggie Bogan is a Junior Theatre Major from Poughkeepsie, New York. She has an undeclared minor in both Psychology and Religious Studies.

Why did you choose SMC to study Theatre? 

·       I was introduced to Saint Michael's College because my older sister was a student there. I came up to visit her many times and it felt like home long before it actually was my home. I entered the school as Exploratory but decided to go ahead and pursue theatre once I met the professors.

From The Meneachmus Twins

Hello! My name is Joshua Lacourse, I'm from North Andover MA, and I'm a theatre major at Saint Mikes.

The extent of my theatre experience before coming to Saint Michael's College was participating in the Fall Festival of Shakespeare in Lennox MA through North Andover High School.

Shelby Anne Davis is from Newington, Connecticut and is a senior at Saint Michael's College with a self-designed major in Musical Theatre.  She is an extraordinary actor/singer/dancer.

Where and when did your interest in Musical Theatre begin? 

I always have had a love for anything theatrical. When I was younger I would write plays for my family to perform (they were really awful). Eventually, my mother took me to see my first musical- Cats- and I was hooked.

Lexi Goyette is a senior from Duxbury Massachusetts.  She is a double major in Theatre and English and has a minor in Creative Writing.  Lexi wrote an original play called Wherefore Art Thou? for her senior capstone creative project and she is now in the process of directing it at Saint Michael's College.  

Where did you study abroad and how did that impact you as an emerging artist?

I studied abroad in the fall of my junior year in Bath, a small city in southwestern England.


Mckenzie is from Saratoga Springs, New York and is  a double major in Theatre and English at Saint Michael's College. 

Why did you choose SMC to study Theatre? 

I didn’t originally come to Saint Michael’s intending to be a theatre major. Despite thinking throughout all of high school that I would study theatre, I chickened out when the time came to audition and I came in as an English major.

Michael Morgenstern for The Chronicle

By Tracey Moore  APRIL 03, 2016 

The study of theater has always been a slightly odd fit with higher education. Theater’s departmental needs are so different from the norm: Where other programs require smart classrooms, desks, and Wi-Fi, we seek vast, empty spaces with sprung wood floors and natural light. The inner life of a chemistry major should not affect the outcome of an assignment; for theater majors, the inner life is the assignment.

Christopher Holloway is from the small town of Ashburnham, Massachusetts and is a Junior with a double major in Theatre and Psychology and a minor in Gender Studies.

Why did you choose SMC to study Theatre?  If you have a double major, how does Theatre fit with your other major?  How are they complementary?

I came to St. Mike’s planning to major only in Psychology, and maybe minor in Theatre.



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