Exciting news from Katie Healy ('11) 

I wanted to email you about the project I'm working on. I recently started my own production company with fellow alumni from my conservatory program, The Maggie Flanigan Studio. We decided to start our own company (Ruddy Productions) and decided to host our own New Works Festival on June 1st in NYC. We have a core group of actors only from our conservatory program and directors. We are searching for emerging playwrights to provide the new works for our festival. We decided on two themes that we are accepting admissions for. The themes are 'Arrivals & Departures' and 'Plan B'.

Meet Anna Forger -- Class of 2017

What is your major at Saint Michael's College? Theatre! Hopefully with a double major, though I'm not sure exactly what I want to do yet, so I'm exploring several different options. I also want to add a music minor at the end of the year.

Why did you decide to come to Saint Mikes? I came here while visiting a friend before I was even thinking of applying, but as soon as I set foot on campus, I knew this was the place for me.

DJ Tetreault ('15) plays the role of Jesus in the current production of GODSPELL in rehearsal at Saint Mikes this spring.  The cast consists of Shelby Davis ('16), Jill Holland ('15), Zac Pesner ('15), Aaron Gasson ('16), Anna Forger ('17), James Devoursney ('15), Chris Holloway ('17), Evyn Whiteley ('15) and Kelly Ainsworth ('15).  Right now we're in the process of learning the music, choreography and staging the parables.

Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, Hyannis, MA  January 30, 2014 

Peter Sampieri ('99) directed and wrote KAFKA IN TEL AVIV", which was presented at the regional KCACTF in Hyannis, MA this afternoon.  Following the performance, Gregg Henry, from the Kennedy Center, announced to the audience that Peter won the Kennedy Center David Mark Cohen National Playwriting Award.  He will receive a first place award of $1000, a visit to the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

PETER SAMPIERI is a St. Michael's College Theatre Alum:  director, writer, actor, composer, musician and teacher. 

From Cathy:  I chose the word "Brilliant" to describe Peter Sampieri.  He was always testing the limits of artistic possibility when he was an undergrad at Saint Mikes.

Our two theaters in McCarthy Arts Center are getting a new look!   The photo with the yellow and blue seats is what MAC theatre used to look like.  Now, if you walk into MAC Theatre, you will see this:

A similar makeover is happening in the Recital Hall.   We are all very excited for the new seats and carpeting to be in place for spring semester 2014!   Stay tuned for photos of our "new" theatres when the project is completed.

Rick Ames graduated from Saint Michael's College in 1995 (a Theatre/English double major) and proceeded to take Vermont by storm.   He is one of the busiest working artists that I know, and on any given week you can find him hard at work with more than one theatre company.

The following two interviews are with SMC Theatre Alums Victoria Townsend and Kevin Parise.  They reflect on the transition from Saint Michael's College to working and living in Boston.



When did you graduate from Saint Michael's College and what was your major/minor?

I graduated from St. Mike’s in 2008 with a double major in Theatre and English.

Zachary Pesner and Richie Bernache in a scene from "The Contrast"

The Theatre faculty chooses our major productions from a loose rotation of theatrical genres including modern and classical plays, both comic and serious, musicals, new works, and several others. I teach a theatre literature and history course called "Moliere to Modern Drama" that covers roughly 1650 to 1900, and when I have the opportunity, I choose to direct a play we read in that class.